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Top Dressing 14th February Hamilton The army worm was on the march! Only my second day in Hamilton and my first assignment looked like a leg pull. Rural officers Colin Follas and Hildred Carlisle took me to experience my first display of top-dressing as a crop of maize was sprayed to remove what looked like a little black caterpillar. We were taken to our location by the top-dressing contractor’s station wagon as our film camera cars had not yet arrived on station. The area being sprayed was a series of paddocks in undulating country with lots of hedges acting as wind breaks but frustrating my attempts to get a clear shot of any decent duration. We resolved the situation by moving the station wagon so I could use it as a camera platform. The display provided by the pilot as he went about his business was pure magic.

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Blazing into contemporary focus with Devoto, Deus Ex Machina is poised to transcend the accomplishments of its past. In Devoto, this phenomenal band sharpens its musical focus and expands its conceptual depth to create a release that is nuclear in its power and universal in its spiritual, emotional, and musical appeal. A spiritual thread runs through Devoto:

camping at piha 40 kilometres from Auckland,caravan,camper-van powered sites,cabins,kitchen,showers,WiFi surf beach,food and beverage,bbq.

Its six-year curriculum was modeled on the German gymnasium. Wagner in memory of his son. Westwood, the Cunard mansion which dates from , is extant now Cunard Hall as is the neighboring former hotel annex that was built in initially named North Hall and is now Reynolds House. In the s, the curriculum began to move toward an American-style curriculum which was solidified when the state of New York granted the college degree-granting status in The college admitted women in and introduced graduate programs in The college expanded further when it purchased the W.

Ward estate in current site of Wagner College Stadium , and again in , when the college acquired the adjacent property of the former Augustinian Academy , which has largely remained wooded greenspace and athletic fields. A group of modern buildings built in the s include the Student Union , Megerle Science Building , and the Spiro Communication Center The Horrmann Library contains over , volumes and holds the collection and personal papers of poet Edwin Markham. The Spiro Sports Center was the most recent major addition, until early when the college opened Foundation Hall, a residence hall for upperclassmen.

In it was announced that a new academic building is under development for construction on the site of the former Augustinian High School. It will be a state-of-the-art facility that will house the business, nursing, and education departments. It will also house new and state-of-the-art classrooms. The project is now in the final planning stages.

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Halme, Jaana Number of pages: The purpose was also to find out the customer profile of the camping area. The aim was also to get suggestions how the functions and services of the camping area could be developed and improved. The topics discussed in the theoretical part of this thesis included customer satisfaction, customer service, service quality and customer profile. In addition, camping travelling, typical camping travelers and the functions of Siikaranta Camping were also explained.

Research methods of this thesis, customer satisfaction research and making the questionnaire were also familiarized in the theoretical part.

Sep 09,  · Today, I hooked up an application that will publish my twitter status to facebook. So now, I update my twitter status the app sends it to facebook and the twitter button posts it to my twitter feed on my blog:) Now you never have to wonder what I am doing.

All sessions linked below are to detailed entries for recorded media. Play dates without source info are from the gigs lists at maryhalvorson. I would appreciate notice of any club dates, concert dates, festival dates, etcetera, that are not listed here. Please include reference information i. Anecdotes, ticket stubs, posters, photographs, and memoirs are also welcome. Sleep Cells Utech Records Fragments Hopscotch Records On and Off Skirl Records GTM Iridium , Vol.

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Saturday 21 March TV 2 6. Nessa and Jay discuss what must be done about Captain Azmyth. Jackson, Colin Farrell and Michelle Rodriguez. Directed by Clark Johnson Xxx AO Xander Cage is your standard adrenaline junkie with no fear and a lousy attitude. Starring Vin Diesel and Asia Argento.

Piha Hook Ups – Piha Community on Facebook “Boy racer smashes into barrier at midnight last night, pedestrians are meant to walk behind this” This was what was posted on ‘ Hook-ups ‘, Piha’s Community Facebook page, today.

Expanding the Empire I’ve always had this desire I have mentioned it before to some of those who know me, to buy a house with a big bag of cash. You see a property with a for sale sign hanging outside. So you take a stroll around the garden and then wander inside for a bit of a poke around. All looks OK so you say “I’ll take it”. You then whip out the aforementioned bag of cash In my fantasy it’s a black briefcase and you say to the owner “here’s the money, now get your shit out of here”.

Wouldn’t that be soooo cool?. Like, who does that? Only billionaires and gangsters probably.


This article starts off with an introduction: Then a picture of Robert H. This is editorial opinion: Whose names are entered in the Great Mahele land awards? Right from the start you know that the editors know nothing about the Great Mahele.

Piha is New Zealand’s most famous surf beach. Situated on the west coast of the North Island, 40 kms from the city of Auckland, this black iron-sand beach has a reputation for awesome surf which rolls in over the Tasman Sea.

Speaking DougalDutch Floating my way through lifes cluttered backwaters, succumbing to base piratical urges only when the tedium of todays world threatens to wash me into the mainstream. Thursday, February 21, KIWIBOOM It is truly amazing how many times I have started to write this and then been distracted, now the distractions range from needing to feed the ducks to wandering around Auckland with a large box on my head. So this might be a long one people, it will ramble but there are a few choice moments so hang in there.

I love New Zealand, the people, the hot water beaches and even all those damn hills; which are much more enjoyable now the van doesn’t overheat. But I get ahead of myself, on route to KiwiBurn the van temp gauge skyrockets and it is quickly apparent that the thermostat was not the problem and the radiator was truly fecked. So the convoy heads onwards without me and wind my way through very poorly signed back roads and eventually rock up to the site 6 hours behind everyone else. Travelling at 60kmh when not going up hill really does give you an opportunity to enjoy the scenery, but it was definitely getting old so to arrive on site and find the forward party well inebriated was a welcome sight, Karl 3 bottles certainly earned his stripes that night.

What started out as a project lightly discussed out the back of Kiwi’s domes with beer and a smoke, turned into a complete mission that shaped my whole KiwiBurn right up until that sucker burned. Even with the Burrow at Nowhere I didn’t put that much solid work and determination into. So after the initial set-up it was down to the task of designing, soldering and installing what elwire we had.

It worked out rather well, although if frenchie had cut one more bloody curve I was about to throttle him. By the time burn night came round I think everyone involved was out ready to see it reduced to ash. As always there is a problem with the sequencing, Kiwi’s cat was shonky as and half the channels were less than optimal. So whilst I potter about, Ryan, Frenchie and Kiwi run about getting ready for ignition.

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We are in a large well protected marina in Hobbs Bay on the south shore of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. We can see Auckland, about 14 nautical miles from our location. Since arriving, I’ve been feeling a splitting headache and sore throat coming on. Where it came from I haven’t a clue. Betty plays nurse while I play couch-potato and take medication to combat.

Hershey Typhoon vs Long Island Rink Rats – 2nd Half. more content. more content.

The scene was two towering pilars of multicolored sandstone reflected in a pool of water. As we were about to land the old lady ambled slowly to the bathroom and went in. So I watched with alarm as the old lady went in while the flight attendants’ backs were turned. Finally one of them noticed and began to pound on the door.

The plane cannot land until you get out! The Utah State Parks Department has a sense of humor designing a highly unusual campground with all the sites in a circle around the bathroom which had free hot showers, flushing toilets, and incredibly electric powered hand driers. After a short walk about the Grand Parade Trail and dinner we enjoyed a picturesque scene of the moon still very big and bright rising over the hoo doos of Kodachrome Basin. That night in my tent I slept very poorly as every time someone went to the bathroom and dried their hands a loud “hmmmmmmm” noise blared in concentric circles throughout the campground, waking me up abruptly.

We made a wrong turn into the Cockscomb and wandered aimlessly for a needless two miles before realizing our error and getting into the main canyon to Hackberry. The first half mile was lovely but then the canyon opened up and cattle had entered the canyon past the rickety fence attracting thousands of swarming deer flies. After swatting deer flies with a sage brush for an hour we finally came to the canyon and scrambled over a rock fall 1.

There was no arch and I was out of water.

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Queensland — Queensland is the second-largest and third-most-populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia. Queensland has a population of 4, , , concentrated along the coast, the state is the worlds sixth largest sub-national entity, with an area of 1, , km2. The capital and largest city in the state is Brisbane, Australias third largest city, often referred to as the Sunshine State, Queensland is home to 10 of Australias 30 largest cities and is the nations third largest economy.

Hookuptopia members can now form and join local or topical interest groups! Interest groups let you meet similar people, participate in discussion boards, and more! Interest groups let you meet similar people, participate in discussion boards, and more!

Phuket or magaluf maybe? Thank god we only stayed one night.. We stayed around the hostel for lunch and randomly bumped into Laura who we had me in Cambodia! The most surreal thing, because we knew each other were gona be in Singapore at the same time but only for a matter of hours before she jetted off to Perth, Aus. Everyone at the hostel literally stayed for a night or two then flew out to oz. We’re getting to be on a BBC show, not sure when but they were filming while we ate breakie!

Anyone who needs a good place to go shopping, orchard road in Singapore is your place, its amazing! Anyway, we met Hilary from Melbourne and spent the day with her, we went to the art gallery which was cool. At night we took the opportunitiy to go to the famous Raffles Hotel, its where they created the original singapore sling cocktail! So you can imagine the floor is absolutly stinkin! We met Davie o skerries that night and had a few drinks back at the hostel with him, there was a band playing in the hostel bar so it was pretty packed with work xmas do’s!

Melbourne-St Kilda, and the Farm for christmas! Id been looking forward to a big salad for sooo long! I dont think it is too expensive to phone me.

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